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Lick It (Single)

by Atomikdog



Atomikdog - LickIT Title: LickIT Artist: Atomikdog Label: Bass Star Catalogue: basssp001 Format: Digital Download / CDR Genre: Electro Release: 2012 World Wide # Name Time Bpm 01 - Lick It 6:08 128 BIO: One of the pioneer perpetrators known for bringing the artistry of "Live Hardware/Software" production to the European & American dance floor, Atomikdog has been creating and performing live electronic music internationally since the 90's. As equal parts Composer, Performer, and Sonic Scientist, his exploration of the live sound has transcended many genres, though it currently resides in a unique blending of Dubstep with Tekno, Electro, and Breakbeat, and reflects both his intricate mastery of cutting-edge tools as well as his exposure to a wide range of musical influences in the electronic music community. Atomikdog was first introduced to the Free Party Tekno scene in Europe in the early 90's -- here he met, worked, and played with such revolutionary artists/organizers as Spiral Tribe, Tomahawk, Sound Conspiracy, Okupe, Nonem, Pyrotek, Tekno Mobile Sqaud and many others. He then spent 15 years living, touring and immersing himself in the freeparty tekno culture of Europe. In 2003 he brought his Live-set to the USA. Within a few years he had established himself as one of the Bay Area's favorite headlining live acts -- with his all-hardware one-of-a-kind musical improvisations that brought a performance element into the electronic underground. Soon there after, he became affiliated with the Full Melt Crew, and played a major role in bringing the Dubstep sound, its artists and party flavor to the west coast. He has spent the past few years in France working with some of Europe's top producers and labels including Crystal Distortion, Zapper, Hedlok, 369rekchordz (founder), Full Melt recordings (co-founder), I.O.T Records and Wayside records. Though you may come across Atomikdog's Live-set in a world of DJs, the experience he creates is radically different. Original, improvised and performed live, his music reflects a hint of his background in jazz and blues, fused with a love of synthesized sounds and hard driving rhythms filtered through a blend of hardware/software technology -- Hardware for it's dedicated operation, phatt sound and full-on tactile control surface. --Software for live multi-track sequencing, recording and complex sampling. By keeping these elements of sound separate and the control at his fingertips, he works directly with the "Biofeedback" that is received from the people on the dancefloor -- thus keeping the focus on symbiotic "Frequency Tunage". Atomikdog is making his way back to the West Coast this spring and summer for the first time in three years, bringing a new flavor of LIVE Dubstep/Tekno/Breakbeat/Electro to the people on dancefloors Everywhere..


released April 10, 2012



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Bass Star Records San Francisco, California

Bass Star Records formed in summer of 2007 and is focused primarily on breaks, dub step, electro house and down tekno grooves. Expect lots of wild unpredictable new cuts coming from this phatty side project from Geomagnetic Records Label Group.

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