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Sky Effect

by Jai



Jai (real name Artur Khosrovyan), owner and general producer of Ozone pro, one of the oldest producing companies of Russia, located in the Kazan city (one of the biggest cities in the country). This company deals with electronic music, arrangement of big dancing events (Solaris festival, RenaissDance etc.) and electronic musicians' tours. Jai is only one of Artur's names, he is also known as Dj Art, The Jaguars and Kletki. Jai participated in many large electronic music events (such as Creamfields-Russia, EuroDjParade, FortDance, Rainbow, ??z?????, Creation of Peace etc). Due to long-term producing activities and travelling he has close ties with many DJs, musicians and producers from Russian and overseas, which fact provides an opportunity to exchange experiences and adequately assess what is happening on the stage of electronic music around the world. Despite repeatedly hitting the Top 100 DJs of Russia (according to and having the title of the best DJ in Kazan (DancingPeopleAwards), Artur is extremely picky accepting DJ sets' proposals and tries to limit himself to perform only at big festivals, interesting events and Ozone pro events. He prefers to play "live" and create author's music. Jai's music was produced under different names in several large Russian electronic music collections (such as Citadel records e.t.c.), as remixes on official singles at the MoscowGrooveInstitute and DetskiPanadol projects, it was also included in the official release of the EuroDjParade and Solaris festivals. Besides the main works under the name of Jai, his music could be found in such projects as The Jaguars (with Dj Rafael), Cyclone and Jesuspeople. Jai's music stands far beyond mainstream music styles, usually it is a mix of trance/triphop/ambient/ ethnopsy/electonica. Thanks to his broad view at electronic music, Jai's music is interesting to much bigger array of listeners than dance floor visitors, that is why he was invited and recently performed in front of over a one hundred thousand audience at the international festival "Creation of Peace" (Kazan) (it was announced as the best festival of the year in Eastern Europe); during this festival he was supported by accompaniment of Andrei Makarevich (Mashina Vrmeni), Anzhela Manoukyan and Bulat Gafarov (Volga project), as well as with the Tatarstan Republic's State Ensemble's Choreographic Team. Another freakypsytrance project founded by Artur - The Jaguars - was created in India, where the main album was recorded. After this the duo performed at many significant events including the Kalevala fest (Russian trance fest, ongoing event in Valdai), Trimurti festival and First openairfest (Moscow). Currently Jai is working close with representatives of other genres of music, directing all energy to the creation of psychedelic trance and chill out music.


released November 4, 2012

Written and Produced by Artur Khosrovyan.



all rights reserved


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Bass Star Records formed in summer of 2007 and is focused primarily on breaks, dub step, electro house and down tekno grooves. Expect lots of wild unpredictable new cuts coming from this phatty side project from Geomagnetic Records Label Group.

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